This year’s budget-passing and legislative session end has been atypical, somewhat frustrating.  For the most part, the legislators have left Albany for the season…. but, may be called back by the Governor…. or by their respective leaders, should a budget negotiation make progress.

This is a good time to reflect on how useful, or not, a blog of this sort might be in hosting a conversation between NY citizens about this issue and the deliberations of their policy-makers, state DEC staff, and courts.

Some, although only a few, people have been viewing this early attempt at a blog on this theme.  Not enough people to have an engaging discussion happen.  My apologies, but I, as sole poster and administrator, turned my efforts to the listserves and email chains where these discussions were happening toward the end of the legislative session, and did not post regularly here.  At this point, I would like to invite a discussion– either in the comments, or in email, see “contact”– of how this vehicle might or might not aid citizen education and involvement in the process of responding to the Marcellus Shale phenomena…..