Update:  View the proceedings recorded at: http://shaleshockmedia.org/2011/05/29/assembly-public-hearing-on-health-impacts-of-hydraulic-fracturing-techniques/


This Thursday, May 26, the State Assembly will be holding a hearing on the health impacts of hydrofracking.  It can be accessed via this link: http://www.assembly.state.ny.us/av/

The time hearings begin can be somewhat variable– they often begin when the legislative session ends, and they may extend over several hours of testimony in the afternoon.

The public will be able to send in written testimony on the Health Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing.  Written testimony for the NY State Assembly health impacts hearings can be submitted up to two weeks after the hearing, that is up to June 9th.

Michael Szydlo is the contact person for the hearings

Committee Assistant

Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation

szydlom@assembly.state.ny.us or fax 518-455-5182

*Please notify Michael Szydlo if you will be submitting written testimony or if you would like to attend the hearing, for further instructions.*   http://assembly.state.ny.us/comm/EnCon/20110512/