Earlier today, I posted that the Sweeney Moratorium Bill, A7400, was now “in play,” since Senator Carlucci had introduced a “same as” bill in the Senate (see story here).  In fact, the Assembly bill was reported out of the Rules Committee, read three times, and voted on by the Assembly today.  The Speaker of the Assembly issued this statement:

I have good news: The Assembly has passed a bill that would protect New York’s drinking water by prohibiting the issuance of new permits for the controversial gas drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing for another year.

Now, we need the Senate to pass this critical legislation so we can send it to the Governor for his signature. The bill (A.7400) we passed today would extend a moratorium on “hydrofracking” until June 1, 2012, while both the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study the safety of this drilling process.

Protecting our environment is at the top of my agenda in Albany and it is essential that we make sure our water is not polluted by the toxic chemicals that are often used for hydrofracking. I remain committed to giving our children a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable world and I will continue to update you on the progress we make in protecting our water.

Sheldon Silver