For quite some time, Assemblyman Sweeney has had a bill, A7400, that calls for a suspension of hydraulic fracturing for gas extraction.  The list of cosponsors and multisponsors of this bill in the Assembly is now quite long:

Silver, Farrell, Lifton, Jaffee, Zebrowski, Colton, Abinanti, Weisenberg, Brennan, Gottfried, Kellner, Rivera P, Englebright, Dinowitz, Markey, Paulin, Millman, Jacobs, Cook, Miller M, Rosenthal, Robinson, Castelli, Galef, Kavanagh, O’Donnell, Cahill, Braunstein, Scarborough, Spano, Cymbrowitz, Peoples-Stokes, Moya, Aubry, Bing, DenDekker, Glick, Latimer, Lavine, Magee, Maisel, McEneny, Schimel, Thiele, Titone, Weinstein.

However, until there is a “same as” bill introduced into the Senate, the chances of a bill becoming a law are nil.  Now, Senator Carlucci has introduced S5592, a “same as” moratorium bill.  While Senator Carlucci is a Democrat, and so, not in the majority, he is one of a handful of upstate “independent Democrats” who have chosen to caucus in a small group in the Senate, not with the rest of the Democrats.  That may make it difficult for his bill to attract co-sponsors from within his party, but, it may also make it easier to attract support from the majority.  This bill is now “in play.”