As of yet, the consultants preparing the section of the draft SGEIS on socio-economic impacts have not reported back to the DEC on their findings.  However, a state employee decided to leak a copy of an internal discussion paper draft that has been circulating in the NYS Transportation Department to begin to try to assess the kinds of damages our public roadways would sustain if and when industrialized HVHF came to NYS.

That paper is available at the blog that it was leaked to, Unnatural Gas .  Are you (and your town’s road maintenance fund) ready for 1.5 million more 18-wheeler truck trips a year?  The discussion paper calls the impacts “ominous” and points out that we don’t have the first thing in place to try to collect funds to pay for repairing the damages.  Heck, NY is following PA’s bad example there– we are the only two states that don’t have a severance tax for gas drillers….