After many delays– the latest being to allow the DEC to respond to floods caused by Hurricane Irene– the DEC has issued its complete Draft SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement).  It can be found on their website at:

The document is large and can be downloaded chapter by chapter.  There is also a very large (46 Mb) pdf of the entire document available for download that is searchable.  The Socio-economic Impact Analysis Report– the portion previously unavailable in any form– is available as “a technical consulting report in support of the revised draft SGEIS” rather than an additional chapter or appendix.

There will be only a 90-day comment period, despite calls from both the public and lawmakers for a longer comment period.  There are a number of ways in which the DEC will NOT accept comment.  Emails and faxes are not allowed as a means of submitting a comment.

Written comments will be accepted through the close of business December 12, 2011 by two methods only:

  • Electronic submission using a web-based comment form available on DEC’s website (preferred method); or
  • Paper submission mailed or delivered to: Attn: dSGEIS Comments, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 625 Broadway,Albany, NY 12233-6510. Please include the name, address, and affiliation (if any) of the commenter. Paper submissions also will be accepted at the public hearings listed below.

Although they helpfully suggest that they will accept paper comments at their public hearings, as of yet they have not announced where or when those hearings will be held.

For help in putting together comments, citizens can use an extremely good wiki site that has been put together to help guide the layperson through what can be a very intimidating document, both in its length and in its legal jargon.  This site is at: