The NYS legislature is not in session again until January, and, with only local elections at stake this year, the NYS policy discussion has been focused on submitting comments to the DEC on the draft SGEIS.  The public hearings on that are just beginning, and the public comment period runs through Dec. 12, 2011.  See the DEC’s page for info on the hearings, and to submit comments on-line:

For help in formulating comments and interpreting the (long) document, see the wiki site established for that purpose at:

This blog has had a short hiatus, while people focus on the public comment period and the SGEIS comments.

But, election day will usher in a new part of the political season, and the commencement of the public hearings will make the comments being made more visible to all.


Across the state, there are scores of local elections in which candidates have taken stands related to local zoning and shale gas extraction in their municipalities.  The political landscape will be marked some by results of the voting today.  State legislators, as well as local officials, will be using the expression of the voting public as a guide to the attitudes of New Yorkers about hydrofracking.  Both sides of the controversial issue are attempting to rally their troops.