This morning, Senator Avella delivered a petition to the Environmental Conservation Committee of the State Senate, asking for a public hearing to be held by the Committee.  In addition to Senator Avella, five other members of the Committee signed the petition.  As per the Senate rules, a hearing must now be scheduled within 14 days.

The bills that the petition asked be considered in the public hearing are numerous.  They are listed below, with links to full text and other information about the bils.

S425 Krueger

S893 Krueger

S1230 Duane

S1234 Duane

S1848 Oppenheimer

S2697A Avella

S3472 Oppenheimer

S3483 Oppenheimer

S4220 Avella

S4251A Addabbo

S4616 Avella

S5592 Carlucci

S5879A Ball

S6097 Avella

S6261 Ball

S6345 Krueger