Last week, Anschutz attorney (and sometimes gas lobbyist) Tom West was indicating that his client, Phillip Anschutz, might not be able to pay the cost of appealing the Dryden Home Rule case it lost earlier this year.  While it was amusing to consider that Phillip Anschutz, one of the richest men on earth, might be too short on cash to stand up in court to the likes of a small, rural upstate town, events have played out differently.  Tom West now claims that Anschutz intended all along to appeal.  Apparently, he was just trolling before the deadline to file an appeal to get somebody else to help pay for it.  From the Ithaca Journal:

“We are very confident in the ultimate outcome of the issue,” he said. “We look forward to hearing from the judge on the motion to renew and the ultimate decision from the appellate court.”

West said the notice of appeal went out in the Dryden case on Thursday. From day one, West said, it was his client’s preference to appeal.

Tompkins County Supreme Court Judge Phillip Rumsey ruled in February that the town’s zoning amendment is not preempted by state law.