Senator Grisanti, the Buffalo-area Republican who chairs the Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee, has issued a press release announcing five bills aimed at tightening up environmental protections in areas associated with fracking.  This is a significant departure from the previous Senate Republican approach that all fracking-related legislation must wait for the conclusion of the SGEIS review by DEC.  It is also, perhaps, a tacit acknowledgement that the issue is politically hot in his district, and he does not want to appear to be ignoring it.

From the press release:

My review of the draft SGEIS and discussions with stakeholders have led me to identify five additional measures I believe are necessary should HVHF be allowed to go forward:

*    Prohibit public owned treatment works from accepting wastewater associated with the exploration, delineation, development, or production of natural gas;(S. 6893)

*    Prohibit the use of wastewater for road- and land-spreading; (S. 6895)

*    Create an Oil and Gas Waste Tracking Program that is stronger than the tracking program proposed under the draft SGEIS; (S. 6892)

*    Strengthen the notification requirements for unauthorized wastewater discharges;
(S. 6891)

*    Create a geographic information system to provide information to the public concerning gas and oil production. (S. 6894)

Today I am announcing that I will be introducing a package of five bills that will address each of these measures as necessary steps to safeguard New York’s environment.
Senator Grisanti will be available to the media on Friday, April 6th at 1:30pm at 65 Court Street, Buffalo NY, for interviews regarding these bills.