Senator Avella is holding a forum in response to the FOIL revelations that the gas companies received special, pre-public-release documents, and a chance to weigh in ahead of public release, in apparent collusion between regulators and those that they supposedly regulate.

Here are the details:

Wednesday, July 18th
10:00 am
250 Broadway, New York City

Invited testimony includes many scientists…. but all citizens are welcome to attend or send in written comments.

A news story on this is available at NY 1.

“I don’t believe they should be given advance notice, they should given information that wasn’t given to the rest of the public or that they should have the ability to comment and potentially change those draft regulations,” said State Senator Liz Krueger.

UPDATE: Here is an invitation, with a link to live coverage, from Senator Avella.

Hydrofracking Forum Live Tomorrow!

Dear Friend,
Tomorrow my Democratic colleagues and I will be hosting a public forum to bring advocates, members of the community and elected officials together to call for a further investigation into the dangerous process of hydraulic fracturing (also known as “hydrofracking”).  I wanted to let you know about this because we will also be streaming video of the forum live so that you can watch and hear all of the environmental panelists and testimony in real time.
Hydrofracking is a process by which natural gases are extracted by an unregulated process of drilling which can lead to grave health and seismic impacts.  Recently the state has taken some alarming steps toward allowing this hydrofracking process to take place without thorough studies.  Additionally, there are recent allegations of wrongdoing and a federal probe to investigate the companies that seek to drill here in New York and could end up affecting our drinking water right here in New York.
Throughout the legislative session, we brought several hostile amendments to the floor of the Senate and held several press conferences and forums similar to this one in the hopes that the Senate Republicans would stop kowtowing to the monied special interests at the expense of New Yorkers’ safe drinking water.  Join us live tomorrow at 10:30AM at  You can also follow updates live via our Twitter account and ask any questions at @NYSenDems.
Thank you for your continued support.
Senator Tony Avella