There are some good ways to familiarize yourself with the bills that are currently under consideration that have to do with hydrofracking and natural gas exploration in the NYS legislature.

First, this site will try to continuously update “current bills” so that you will know where they stand in the legislative process.  Look here, and on our main page, for posts and updates on legislation.  We will not take “stands” on bills… but, we welcome you to give us your point of view on bills proposed in the comments section (in a respectful and thoughtful way, of course).  That page, which will accept comments, is located here.

Second, you can look on the Senate or Assembly “bill look-up sites,” either by bill number or by “keyword.”  These sites allow you to read the sponsors memo and/or the text of the bill, and access more detailed information about sponsors, co-sponsors and multi-sponsors, as well as track the bill moving from committee to committee, or being voted on.

Other organizations with an interest in the Marcellus Shale may also have information on pending legislation on their pages.  You can find links to many of these organizations in the left-hand column.  For instance, a table of current bills and their status (circa January, 2010) is available at the Citizens Campaign for the Environment website, here.  An alert reader noted that a bill with the bill number A04542 is not included on that CCE list, in this comment, here.   Sometimes, organizations may focus on the bills that they think are the most likely to pass, or that they are encouraging activism around.